This is a full employment contract, suitable for all types of employee, from junior staff through to senior executives. We use it ourselves. It is comparable with employment contracts available on the web for £49-£199.

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It contains the following sections:

1. Definitions
2. Employment
3 Probationary Period
4 Hours Of Work
5 Duties
6 Salary And Other Payments
7 Property
8 Holiday Entitlement
9 Sickness And Sickness Pay
10 Pension
11 Limits Of Authority
12 Termination
13 Consequences Of Termination
14 Disciplinary And Grievance Procedures
15 Confidentiality
16 Restrictions
17 Equal Opportunities
18 Copyright, Inventions And Intellectual Property
19 Database Policy
20.  Email And Internet
21.  Data Protection
22.  Collective Agreements
23.  No Waiver
24.  Entire Agreement
25. Miscellaneous
26. Choice Of Law And Jurisdictions

Appendix 1 – Bonus Arrangements

This is a complete Employment Contract – you simply need to go through the contract, make sure it fits your requirements, enter your business name and your employee’s name and sign & date it.

It is suitable for employees and employers based in the UK, mainly England and Wales, but we think it is also suitable for Scottish and Northern Irish employers as well.

This template is supplied for your own use and you need to be sure that it is suitable for your purposes. We make no warranty as to it’s accuracy and it is supplied for information only.

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