Google changes the internet world – The Hummingbird effect

Hummingbird is the new Google change to the search engine rankings and results. It is not a new algorithm update (Panda or Penguin). In fact it is a new algorithm. It gets to the point where SEO work is virtually impossible. Whilst there are still 100s of Indian companies out there offering paid links, link […]


How to Exclude Folders from a Zeus rewrite.script

We have recently had a problem with a client’s website which is hosted on a Zeus server, the opposite of Apache servers which allow SEO mod-rewrite files in order to make website addresses look more attractive to visitors. We wanted to use a rewrite file in order to remove elements of links in WordPress, and […]

What is the Best Content Management System (CMS)

A question you will often find on various forums is which Content Management System you should use on your website. There are a lot of them out there, and web designers will often swear by different ones according to their personal preference. However in terms of ease of use, gadgets and widgets available, SEO friendliness […]

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How to Avoid Spending Money on IT Consultants

IT consultants cost a fortune. For simple call outs to look at a server or to move a piece of equipment from one side of the office to the other the hourly rate charged can be astronomical. It used to be the case that to run a successful business of a particular size with more […]

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