How to have an Effective Business Meeting

How to have an effective business meeting Here is the best way to have an effective business meeting. 1)    Work out the items you wish to discuss at the meeting. 2)    Email the list to everyone who you are thinking of inviting to the meeting and ask them if there is anything else they wish […]


How to Recover Money from Companies who have entered into a CVA (Company Voluntary Administration)

Recovering Money from Companies entering into a CVA There is very little advice out there without paying for a rather expensive solicitor on exactly what to do if a company owing you money enters into a CVA (Company Voluntary Administration). The advice you are often given is to go along with the information supplied by […]


How to Avoid using an Accountant to complete your Annual Return for a Limited Company in the UK

You do not need to use a chartered accountant to complete your accounts for the Companies House return and the Corporation Tax return. This is a statement that probably is not recognised by the vast majority of limited companies in the UK who still insist on using services of a chartered accountant to prepare their […]


How to Negotiate the Lowest Price with a Service Company

Getting a good deal for a service can be very difficult to do if you are in a bespoke area of business. So for example, who is to say what a fair price is when you are recruiting a new manager? Do you pay 25% to a recruitment agency or 10%? Should you have a […]


Should you be scared of suing your debtors? 10 top tactical tips for recovering your debt

Good morning. Should you be scared about suing clients for unpaid bills? This is our quick tactical 10 top tips  on issuing proceedings against debtors. The advice is not intended to be legal advice and is information only. 1. Do not be scared of issuing proceedings. The procedure is very simple, even more so if […]


Get Paid for Documents, Templates and Precedents offers professionals the chance to make money from documents, precedents and ebooks you may have on your computer. Whether you are a solicitor with a collection of precedent letters, draft contracts and agreements, a surveyor with a collection of report layouts, an IT contractor with a range of contractual agreements or tender documents, a […]


If my company makes a loss, can I claim back corporation tax?

If a limited company in England and Wales makes an operating loss one year after making an operating profit in previous years, what happens about corporation tax? Is it possible to claim back corporation tax based on the loss made? The answer is quite simple. If a company has made a loss, it can carry […]

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Get Free Links for your Website now offers backlinks to your website. One of the main techniques for getting your website noticed is for other sites to link to you. Now you can get a link completely free of charge on our website (Page Ranking of 3). SEO companies charge around £200 a year for this service. Send us your […]

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How to Get Cheaper Accountants Online

There is a myth perpetuated by most high street accountants that their service has some sort of magical touch to it that necessitates paying them significant amounts of money for something that is not really needed. We have heard of companies being told that they need to pay for an audit because they have a […]

How to Exclude Folders from a Zeus rewrite.script

We have recently had a problem with a client’s website which is hosted on a Zeus server, the opposite of Apache servers which allow SEO mod-rewrite files in order to make website addresses look more attractive to visitors. We wanted to use a rewrite file in order to remove elements of links in WordPress, and […]

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