How to have an Effective Business Meeting

How to have an effective business meeting Here is the best way to have an effective business meeting. 1)    Work out the items you wish to discuss at the meeting. 2)    Email the list to everyone who you are thinking of inviting to the meeting and ask them if there is anything else they wish […]


How to Recover Money from Companies who have entered into a CVA (Company Voluntary Administration)

Recovering Money from Companies entering into a CVA There is very little advice out there without paying for a rather expensive solicitor on exactly what to do if a company owing you money enters into a CVA (Company Voluntary Administration). The advice you are often given is to go along with the information supplied by […]


How to Avoid using an Accountant to complete your Annual Return for a Limited Company in the UK

You do not need to use a chartered accountant to complete your accounts for the Companies House return and the Corporation Tax return. This is a statement that probably is not recognised by the vast majority of limited companies in the UK who still insist on using services of a chartered accountant to prepare their […]


How to Negotiate the Lowest Price with a Service Company

Getting a good deal for a service can be very difficult to do if you are in a bespoke area of business. So for example, who is to say what a fair price is when you are recruiting a new manager? Do you pay 25% to a recruitment agency or 10%? Should you have a […]


Ebay Lax Security – breaching the defences appears too easy

EBay Security Breach – not exactly difficult. This week, our eBay account was hacked.  According to eBay, this is our fault and the hacker has gained access to our email address, changed our password and changed the email address linked to the eBay account. Perfectly possible you might think, except there has been no hack […]


Why SAGE is no good at all for your small business – does SAGE suck?

Why SAGE is no good at all for your small business – does SAGE suck? SAGE is one of the most popular accounts packages used by small businesses across the UK and worldwide. The SAGE Company are from the north east of England and seem to employ a considerable number of the population of Newcastle, […]


Google changes the internet world – The Hummingbird effect

Hummingbird is the new Google change to the search engine rankings and results. It is not a new algorithm update (Panda or Penguin). In fact it is a new algorithm. It gets to the point where SEO work is virtually impossible. Whilst there are still 100s of Indian companies out there offering paid links, link […]


Should you be scared of suing your debtors? 10 top tactical tips for recovering your debt

Good morning. Should you be scared about suing clients for unpaid bills? This is our quick tactical 10 top tips  on issuing proceedings against debtors. The advice is not intended to be legal advice and is information only. 1. Do not be scared of issuing proceedings. The procedure is very simple, even more so if […]


Why UK businesses should avoid BT Business Broadband

We have recently temporarily relocated premises and our servers have gone from a TalkTalk (former Nildram) broadband set up to a BT broadband set up. BT broadband is all well and good when it works, but when it conks out the service is nothing short of horrific. The reason we think businesses should avoid BT […]


Grazing Agreement Template Download

Business Bus Stop offer a Grazing Agreement template download – a licence suitable for landowners looking to rent out parts of their land for grazing sheep, ponies, horses, goats and pigs. Agreement arranges for a licence to be issued, allowing the licensee to use the land for a range of purposes. Includes clauses for maintenance, […]

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